Enterprise Services

Turning a business process into a system or a set of systems requires more than just good development practices. We get insight into your business with workshops and then deliver with high quality where your competitive advantage is.

Event Storming

Complex business processes are often inside the minds of your people. We extract and formalize them during business workshops.

Domain Driven Design

We apply Domain Driven Design (DDD) where your competitive advantage is to make sure we can deliver with speed and lower long term maintenance costs.

Event Driven Architecture

We use event-driven approach with complex systems, allowing to achieve transparency and scale.


Web development

A project without a web application is rare. Be it an administration panel for your new app or internal application implementing the core domain of your business, we build a complex web application with the latest web stack and help companies migrate their old systems to modern technologies.

.net / C#

Stable, enterprise and cross-platform, .net is the go-to technology when the rest of your organization is Microsoft based.


We opt for Python primarily for projects we do for startups utilizing as we can deliver quickly and make sure the solution is easy to maintain when Founders are ready to take the business to the next level.


We employ this web application framework from Google in most enterprise projects either by customer's request or when maintenance is taken over by the customer's team.


Facebook's declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. An alternative to Angular we use when more flexibility and or/performance is needed.

Mobile Apps

Mobile has gotten a lot more complex in the last years. The technology you select will affect onboarding, long term cost of ownership and how agile your business will be. Swift, React Native, Flutter or PWA - we pick the best tool to match your app's functionality and business goals.


Swift, React Native, Flutter


Java, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, PWA

Progressive Web Applications

Sometimes you don't need the full power of the platform. At a reduced cost we can build a cross-platform solution with easier conversion as a bonus.


DevOps Services

Out DevOps engineers support the development team for the whole duration of the project usually building continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline so you can see the progress daily. Once the project is over we can help with infrastructure maintenance and operations with a solid SLA that will let you focus on the business and not the tech.


Containerizing applications for easier deployments

DBA as a Service

It's not easy to find and keep a great DBA. Even with few databases on-prem or in the cloud, you don't have to make database administration an afterthought.


Container orchestration

Azure & AWS

Cloud migration and operations.

Monitoring & alerting

Elasticsearch / Logstash / Kibana / Grafana / Kafka - we discover issues in a matter of seconds and address them before the Business notices.


We can set up a proper helpdesk solution and take over the daily operation of your app.